THE FIRST RUNWAY SHOW: Conceptualization

The first runway show is on. The date has been locked in for a mere end of March… and it’s February. A deadly time frame to design, source materials, produce and style eight amazing and cohesive looks. And yet i’m determined. No pain… no gain.

A/W 19 has been in the planning stages for a couple of months, being the last month of the Australian summer, so it wasn’t hard to understand where the brand was headed for the next season. That being said, it was very much still in the idea phase. I knew that I wanted electric yet earthy tones, rich textiles and the rock and roll of the seventies. I knew the shapes and styles but I needed to visualize that concept. At this point it was a jumble of creativity in need of defining.

Researching and sketching is a cumulative process. It never really stops. My story... my history... my experience in this life shapes the ideas and concepts that come to fruition in my clothing. Every design reflects an aspect of my past, my aspirations and dreams. 

I often plan my collections based on outfits I want to wear. Gradually narrowing them down until I find the perfect combination of versatility and individuality. Always with an overarching textile, texture or story running through. I aim for season less designs, that can be worn with collections years gone.

So I started drawing. Billowing sleeves, deep necklines, stiff velvet minis, a splash of hot pink.

Sourcing the perfect fabrics and trims came next. Luxurious and earthy, rich with history. Futuristic nostalgia with a kick of psychedelia. Comfortable, versatile, washable and as sustainable as possible. I had custom fabrics made for SS18/19 and I wanted that same individuality for the next. I chose the prints and fabrics and a company in Berlin, Germany did the rest.

My fabrics arrived 2 weeks before the runway show. I had made a couple of items in lieu of waiting. The Velvet Smoking Jacket, pink flame pants and top. Nervously sewing, hoping to god those fabrics weren’t lost somewhere over the Pacific. Once they landed on my doorstep the real fun began. Long nights, coffee and a stream of creativity.

All things considered, I marveled at my capacity to produce this collection in time. It was a stressful situation, and just so coincided with the first couple of weeks of going back to university… lovely. But I’m glad. I was slacking with working on the brand, having just moved to Melbourne. I needed the kick in the butt.

Two weeks before the first runway show.

~ Charlotte

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